Should I re-key my new home?

Yes. Even though your contractor may have construction keyed your home, and it should have disabled their key when you moved in, it would be in your best interest to re-key all of your locks.

Is My Home Secure?

Some little known statistics: Most burglaries are committed in broad daylight and nearly one-third occur through unlocked doors or windows. Some illegal entries occur by use of a former occupant’s key. Approxiamately half of all forced entries are made without the use of a tool. The average time spent entering a home to commit a […]

How Can I Check To See That My Home Is Secure?

Are all exterior doors (including the garage) strong enough to withstand excessive force? Are exterior doors secured with a deadbolt lock that has a minimum one-inch throw? Are all strike plates and frames for each door strong enough to withstand excessive force? Are sliding doors and windows secure against forcing the locks or lifting the […]